Marketing Specialist

I am a Psychology Master's graduate who has become fascinated with self-study in quite a few online arts, at a time where I found that conventional route through life and education was failing my purposes.

I've up-skilled myself on a LOT relevant to video, imagery, and sound design (mostly based on what came naturally at the time...).

I realised that pursuing I/O Psych, in its current form, as a consultant or researcher, was not for me.

Music Production , Photography, Copywriting to Marketing. I've become FASCINATED by how humans engage with information.

c o n t e n t.

I now help online businesses interface with their markets through images and sound.

projects from 2013 ⎼ 2023

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Content Design

"Truth in artistry, artistry in truth."

I strive to make designs more than mere documentation. To me, a design must inspire a larger discussion, trigger reflection, or surface emotions. Only then do I know it's beginning to succeed.



Spotify Application
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"Convergence": I directed the mainstage opening sound of Quest Festival 2017.

I do much of my work in my home studio, a large converted industrial space that houses all my equipment. I am always open to collaboration and new projects. If you align with my work philosophy and approach, or have a great idea for a project, just drop a message.

Anima presently has over 400K plays on Spotify, and over 3 million on YouTube.


Images. @combatvisionn

My work is to truthfully capture people in motion, not stage them.

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